Why Study In Germany

Why Study InGermany


ermany has much to offer as a place to study .Internationally recognized qualification such as Bachelors & masters .This allows accumulation & transfer of study & exam modules .Germany is one of the most highly developed industrial nations in the world and, after the USA and Japan has the world's third largest national economy.

Germany is a land of ideas. Education, science and research play a central role here. Germany is the country most preferred by International students, a hub of cutting-edge international research and a constant source of new patents.

Germany is a place of remarkable beauty and stunning splendor. Its been associated with learning as the oldest university in Germany was founded in Heidelberg in 1386. Germany currently has more than 300 institutions of higher education that include 82 universities, 132 such institutions that offer shorter and practically oriented courses, and other institutions. Germany has a high turnout of foreign students as it offers a high range of study possibilities.

Education System

The Germany’s higher education system comprises some of 370 higher education institutes, including University, University of Applied Science and college of education and academic of fine arts. The University of Germany is open to student all over the world. Globally around 1.8 million students pursue higher studies abroad. Of these, approximately one tenth comes to Germany.

German Universities offer courses in Medicine, Engineering, Management, Law, English and various other disciplines. Academic freedom is one of the main characteristics of the German university system and is one of the reasons why public universities in Germany don’t charge any fee.

Higher Education

Post secondary education, students have a wide choice from more than 200 University of Applied Sciences & 300 universities offering variety of courses & degree programs.


  • More theory oriented
  • Degrees offered includes Bachelor, Master & Doctorate
  • Research plays an integral part of the study
  • Gaining knowledge & not practical application is the goal
  • Faculties include Education, Law, Medicine, Social & Cultural sciences, Business Management

Technical University

  • Offers courses only in Engineering & Science
  • Degrees offered includes Bachelor, Master & Doctorate
  • Research plays an integral part of the study

University of Applied Sciences

  • More practice oriented
  • Offers Bachelors programs in general
  • Some institutions also offer Masters Program
  • Though research is gaining importance but the focus remains at application oriented study
  • Excellent job opportunities owing to the close tie up with industry

College of Arts & Music

  • College of Music offer courses in composition, directing, training on an instrument, voice, jazz, music theater, stage dance, and music education
  • College of Arts offer courses in Painting, Graphic Design, Sculpture and art education, architecture, stage design, ceramics, glass painting, restoration work, and art media
  • To get admission one should have demonstrate ability & exceptional talent
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