Permanent Residency In New Zealand

Permanent Residency In New Zealand


ew Zealand offers temporary work rights to the International students from India who are studying a full time course. International students from India are allowed to work for upto 20 hours in any given week during the academic year. Student can work full time during summer and winter break. For more information on work rights please refer

Graduate Job Search Visa: All the students who are studying Diploma level courses for minimum duration of two years will be given one year graduate job search visa. This visa will also be given to the students who are completing:

  • Diploma Level 7 Course
  • Graduate Diploma Level 7 Course
  • Bachelors Degree
  • Post Graduate Diploma Level 8
  • Masters Level 9

On completion of one year Graduate Job Search visa once the applicant has the job in the relevant field two years work permit can be availed on completion of which the applicant can lodge the application of Permanent Residency. Please visit Permanent Residency section for further information.

Important Note: Students travelling to New Zealand are advised not to engage in full time work during studies as it will be against the rules and regulations set by NZ Immigration. We advise all our students to strictly follow the rules and regulations set by NZ Immigration.

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