he education in New Zealand is at par with any other country and is cost competitive when compared with other countries.

Education cost will differ from an institute to institute and the course which a student intends to study. Diploma or an Undergraduate study can cost about NZ$18,000€“$25,000 a year, depending on your course. For a Post Graduate Study it can cost about NZ$ 21,000 - 40,000 a year depending on your course and selection of an institute. Normally the course fees will cover Government Service Tax, registration and enrollment, student health and counseling, language support and use of most facilities available at campus. Students are advised to check this with their respective institute.

Medical insurance is compulsory for all international students going to New Zealand. This can be taken before or after reaching / enrolling at an institute / course provider.


Cost of living in any country would depend on the life style of the students. As compare to other countries cost of living in NZ is on the lower side. Students might spend anywhere between 10000$ -12000$ in a year while studying in NZ. This amount is inclusive of Accommodation, Food, Travel & leisure activities.

Cost of Living will vary from a city to city, student might end up spending more in Auckland than other cities of New Zealand. On the other hand student will get more exposure in Auckland as it is the most populated city in New Zealand and has many businesses which give employment to the international students.

Skilled Migrant Category is the obvious choice for those who would like to migrate to New Zealand.

This category offers applicants the opportunity to work in New Zealand, it also gives them an opportunity to live in New Zealand Permanently.

Eligibility Criteria for Skilled Migrant Category
  • Applications should be well verse with English Language
  • Applicant should be 55 or under.
  • Applicant should be healthy
  • Applicant should be having a good character
  • There is a point system through which the applicant can check the eligibility. There are points given for
  • Experience
  • Qualification
  • Age
  • Employability
  • Family
Steps to be followed to qualify for Skilled Migration Category are as under:

Expression of Interest: Applicant needs to show the interest of migrating to NZ wherein he has to mention his age, skills, experience and about his family. To be in the pool the applicant needs to score minimum of 100 points. If the applicant has enough points the expression of Interest is accepted and the invitation letter is sent to the applicant to make an application to Migrate. The applicant needs to complete the application along with the supporting documents to complete the migration procedure.

Applicants who are intending to migrate to New Zealand can avail the detailed information at the below mentioned link.


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